Do you desire any of these things in life?  

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Do you want…

  1. to see breath-taking photographs to remind you of how beautiful this planet is?
  2. to read blog posts that are useful, funny, encouraging and true?
  3. to read inspirational stories that will create positive change in your mind?
  4. to witness real-time adventures that make you believe anything is possible?
  5. to travel and explore this massive planet, but don’t know where to start?
  6. to learn and understand others perspectives of the world?
  7. to be proud of what you create?
  8. to find confidence in knowing that you are doing the right thing?
  9. to be more passionate?
  10. success and security in your life?
  11. to be an influential leader in your community?
  12. to laugh and take life less seriously without losing your drive for success?
  13. to learn how to let go and not be afraid?
  14. to design your life the way you to live it?
  15. to learn about photography and how to take photos the way you actually see them in real life?
  16. to explore living in different cultures?
  17. to learn about healthy habits for the mind, body and soul?
  18. to live vicariously through someone who is not afraid to take risks?
  19. to take more risks in life?
  20. to connect to others more often, more deeply?
  21. others to connect to you and understand you better?
  22. to share your personal successes and/or struggles in life, but are not sure how?
  23. to overcome your fears, no matter how big or small, but are not sure how?
  24. to stop being tired, stop making excuses and start to actually make changes in your life?
  25. to remember not to sweat the small stuff because life is too short?
  26. to love, be loved; to always be learning and help others do the same?

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