Welcome to Live Wonderful!

Our soul’s mission is to find freedom in being ourselves and give our passions purpose, ultimately leading to a wonderful life.

That’s what Live Wonderful is all about.

Hi, I’m Danielle! I’m a free spirited, geeky blonde who believes in magic, talks too much and almost always has a camera in hand. And I love adventure. So much so, I made the 2015 Top 30 Adventurers in the World Under 30.

Just over a year ago I set myself free.

I decided in a single moment that I wanted nothing more in life than to create endless happiness and freedom.You can read my full story here.

Live Wonderful is an inspirational place for you to do just the same. It’s a space for you to start believing in yourself and reaching for pure happiness.

Here’s where you can start finding some inspiration…

Everything I write comes from my heart.

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It’s my real feelings, thoughts processes and the actions I take along the journey of life. I’m here to encourage you to set yourself free. Let your inner child out to play. Acknowledge your fears and learn to conquer them.

“The best freedom is being yourself.”

Let go of past stories that are trapping you into a life you know isn’t want you really want. Discover your true passions and discover the real you.

Every Tuesday I’ll share an inspirational story with you. It may be about a lesson I just learned, an adventure I just experienced or a something else going that I know you can relate too. I just write what I’m inspired to write.

On Thursdays, I’ll give you a FREE inspirational travel print from my exclusive Travel Print Series. You can download it, print it, share it and tag it. #livewonderful. Let the Travel Print Series inspire you to start planning a life of adventure.


“On the other side of all our fears, lies our freedom.”

I encourage you to start becoming the change you want to see, right now. Choose to find freedom and live wonderful.

If you still aren’t sure, trust me I understand. I have been battling resistance my whole life! Check out this post to help break down that resistance!

And as you continue to go through life, remember, everyday is a new beginning and everyday we can choose to make that climb to the top of that mountain.

Join me on this endless adventure around the globe as I capture unique stories and share my lessons of love and life. Together we’ll discover an inspirational life of empowerment, unconditional love and endless happiness!