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I’m on a mission to inspire everyone to live wonderful. What does that mean exactly? What does it actually mean to live wonderful?

To live wonderful is to continually unveil your soul’s mission. To discover your true happiness by being yourself. To give your passions purpose and discover the happiness that comes from within.

Mission Live Wonderful Accomplished.


verb – \ˈliv\

Definition: to be alive, to attain eternal life, to have a life rich in experience, to exhibit vigor, or enthusiasm.


adjective – \ˈwən-dər-fəl\

Definition: extremely good, exciting wonder, astonishing, marvelous, admirable.


Hi, I’m Danielle.

I’m a wanderlusting, adventure seeker, who believes in magic, and almost always has a camera in hand. All I want to do is explore the world, learn new things that interest me, and  and share unique experiences with you. Why? Because life is a wonderful journey of lessons and love, and our soul’s purpose is to be happy discovering it all. 

That is pretty much why I created this blog, to spread happiness.

Be Yourself. Be Free. 

LiveWonderful is an inspirational space for you to start in your power, be courageous, acknowledge your fears and learn to conquer them. Let your inner child out to play. Reach for your true passions, seek opportunities that matter and begin to create a more powerful and fearless you. That’s how we discover the happiness that already lies within. When you choose to be yourself, accept yourself, love yourself, that’s when you set yourself free. 

A few years ago, I set myself free. I decided in a single moment that I wanted nothing more in life than to create endless happiness and freedom. Every day I peel back the layers and learn more about myself and the world around me. And in hopes of inspiring others to discover their inner happiness, I share everything I can here, on this blog. Everything I write comes from the heart. It’s real, it’s raw, it’s truly me. 

I’ve learned that happiness reveals itself when we embrace every moment of our reality. No matter how our mind might judge the moment, we can choose happiness always. 

I encourage you to start right now. I want you to live wonderful. Choose to find freedom and start defining your life around the mission to live a life that is wonderful. Join me on this endless adventure around the globe as I capture unique stories and share my experiences with you. Together we’ll discover an inspirational life of empowerment, unconditional love and endless happiness. Live Wonderful. Put these two words together and take a stand to live a marvelous life that is rich with experience, and full of wonder.

The secret to happiness is freedom. The secret to freedom is courage. So basically, on the other side of all our fears, lies our freedom.

Guess what? The best freedom is being yourself

Live Wonderful - Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

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