Hi, I’m Danielle Elizabeth Werner (hence the DEW).


I’m a funny, geeky blonde who believes in magic, talks too much and almost always has a camera in hand. I also happen to be a free spirited photographer, a reckless writer, a motivational teacher and fierce friend.

All I want to do is explore the world and share unique experiences with you. And I’m always looking for adventure in the magic in life. So much so, I made the 2015 Top 30 Under 30 Adventurers in the World.

If you are new to the site, I encourage you to start here. Still curious? Keep reading to find out what I love about life and why I created this blog.

So what makes me happy?

Well for starters…


  • Snuggling with really cute baby animals,
  • Laughing so hard, I cry,
  • Dancing uncontrollably to awesome live music,
  • Meditating outside in nature,
  • And watching the sunrise wake up the day.


I am also seriously passionate about:


  • Taking spontaneous adventures all over the globe,
  • Following my intuition,
  • Photographing people and the beauty of life,
  • And teaching and telling unique stories.

That is pretty much why I created this blog.

To spread happiness.

Looking back I realize I have pretty much always been this way…

I was born in West Palm Beach, Florida and raised on a huge farm in Maryland overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. From summer road trips up and down the East coast, RV camping in the Florida Keys, and twelve years exploring a hundred fifty acre frontier (aka my backyard), adventure and travel have always been a part of my soul.


At age fourteen, unknown to me, photography became a passion. At a time when an international soccer ball should have been my focus, all I wanted to do was capture the unique world around me with my waterproof throw-away camera. It was my first time traveling internationally.

I was alone and in love with the expansiveness of life, culture and the unknown world of Australia.


Every year after that trip, I planned a getaway. Whether with family, friends or alone, I created an adventure anytime I could. By the age of 21 after many more international trips, I was fully aware of my passions in the world of photography and I knew it would soon collide again with my innate drive for travel and adventure.

full bio 2

By 2009 I became head photographer and studio manager of a boutique photography studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

I immersed myself in to the industry and learned how my personality and connection with others gave me the ability capture perfect moments, bringing to life the true stories of children, families, people and the events that make up their lives.

I began to see how the connections I made from behind the camera created real emotions, honest expressions, and unique experiences that I could capture in front of the camera.

In early 2013 I took off for the West Coast, driving cross country to California to start my photography and design business, DEW Imagery & Design. While still photographing families and children, I took on a new route of helping others as well.

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Who is DEW Today?

Currently, I teach photography workshops, help other creative artists market and brand their identities as business entrepreneurs and I travel to tell inspiring and adventurous stories about my life on the road.

I see the world magically unfold around me. My lens captures those magical moments, unique experiences and the real people that create them.


My photography work spans the industry from creating and directing shoots, print production, editing and retouching, and often designing those one-of-kind wedding and family albums. All matters of my creativity expand from photography.

You can find me shooting, designing, marketing, editing, retouching, writing or teaching photography anywhere the wind takes me. Oh, and of course blogging!


Just over a year ago I set myself free.

I decided in a single moment that I wanted nothing more in life than to create endless happiness and freedom.

In the Fall of 2014, I left home in San Diego, California to begin an endless adventure around the world.  What started as spontaneous glitch ticket purchase, soon became a never ending journey and continual lifestyle.

Starting in Europe, making my way to Asia, I visited 12 countries, countless cities and experienced more magic that I ever thought possible in less than 6 months. I’m still on that trip. It has no end in sight.


I think you’ve heard the saying, “Anything is possible.” Well, it’s true and all starts with believing in yourself.

Now months later, I am enjoying this new found happiness in the unconventional lifestyle I have chosen to live, still in search of those unique experiences and those perfect moments to capture.

Currently in Bali, Indonesia, I am learning the local language, volunteering and playing with monkeys while exploring the island on my motorbike.


In this past year I’ve learned that happiness reveals itself when we embrace every moment of our reality. I’ve had to dig deep, find my truth, and speak it loudly and boldly. And I’m still learning, mostly about myself.

I’m letting go of shame, blame and guilt. I’m reaching for my true passions, seizing opportunities that matter and beginning to create a more powerful and fearless me.

Live Wonderful is an inspirational place for you to do just the same. It’s a space for you to start believing in yourself and reaching for pure happiness.

“The secret to happiness is freedom. The secret to freedom is courage.”

And this is me showing you that anything is possible. Everything I write comes from my heart. It’s my real feelings, thoughts processes and the actions I take along the journey of life. I’m here to encourage you to set yourself free. Let your inner child out to play. Acknowledge your fears and learn to conquer them.


“On the other side of all our fears, lies our freedom.”

Let go of past stories that are trapping you into a life you know isn’t want you really want. Discover your true passions and discover the real you. I encourage you to start right now. Choose freedom and live wonderful.

Join me on this endless adventure around the globe as I capture unique stories and share my intimate thoughts and feelings. Together we’ll discover an inspirational life of empowerment, unconditional love and endless happiness.

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Find out more about my photography services here, and check out my latest stories of adventure here. Or send me an email and let’s connect now!