Live Wonderful is a full-service photography studio in Orlando, Florida.

We bring your photos to life by providing inspiring brand photography and educational classes that help you build your business faster and smarter by standing out in the marketplace. In front of the lens or behind it, we’ll show you how to clarify your message, tell a unique story, and create a powerful brand that captures the hearts of your audience, not just their attention.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what is yours worth to you?
Brand Photography is the most important element of marketing your business. Why?

Because its what gives your customer their first impression of you. In today’s digital world, if your brand photography isn’t captivating your audience the instant they see it, your business is being ignored or worse, misunderstood.


That’s where we come in.


We don’t just take beautiful photos. We help you create a powerful visual story that’s full of passion and purpose. In the end, you’ll build your business faster and smarter by connecting your customers to a brand they can’t help but fall in love with.

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Who's Behind The Lens
Danielle Werner, Photographer at Live Wonderful Photography

Hi, I’m Danielle Werner!

I am a professional photographer currently creating in Orlando, Florida. With a mild obsession for adventure and travel, I’ve spent 15+ years photographing people, culture, and places all around the globe. I’m a passionate storyteller who wants to explore this beautiful world while showing you how to create powerful and inspiring visual stories that are full of passion and purpose. Why? Because that’s what it means to Live Wonderful.

I believe everyone deserves beautiful, eye-catching images. So whether you want to learn behind the lens or be captured in front of it, I’m your go-to-gal for all things photography. Let’s connect and soon you’ll discover the story you’ve always wanted to share!

x Danielle

You can take amazing photos too. We'll show you how.

Do you enjoy taking photos but feel your images are just blah?

Now you can learn how to take amazing photos anytime, anywhere in the Live Wonderful Photography Classes in Orlando, Florida. No matter what kind of camera you have, we’ll show you how to confidently use those buttons and teach you amazing creative techniques that will have you capturing incredible photos before you even leave class.

Photography Classes in Orlando, FL
Camera Rental - Rent A Camera For A Live Wonderful Photography C

Rent A DSLR Camera During Class


Don’t have a camera yet or not sure which one to buy? Now you can rent a camera during your class before you invest in buying your own. We’ll even help you buy the best one for your budget when you are ready.

Stop shooting on Auto and start taking photos you're proud of.

Why Take Our Photography Classes?

We’ve taught hundreds of photo enthusiasts how to confidently take great photos. Here’s why they love learning from us and you will too:

  • Learn From A Pro In An Interactive Small Group Setting
  • Get Hands-On Practice w/ One-On-One Guidance
  • Receive Detailed and Comprehensive Digital Notes
  • BONUS: One FREE Retake of The Same Class In The Future

When & Where Can You Learn?

Local photography classes are taught at a few locations around Central Florida. Here’s our Monthly Class Schedule:

Are You Ready To Be Inspired?

Stop letting mundane boring photos ruin your story. Let’s bring your photos to life and share your story with passion and purpose. It’s easy to get started. Simply send us a message and tell us about your goals. Together we’ll discover exactly what you need to create the eye-catching imagery you deserve.

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