When someone asks you, “What do you do?”, is there a sense of passion & purpose in your response? I recently had the pleasure of photographing local master gardener, Eileen Tongson. Her passion and purpose are evident in every aspect of her business. Can you tell she loves what she does?

Eillen hired me to capture her in her element to show the world her unique Brand Story. Eileen runs a successful Floral Studio in Winter Park, Florida called FarmGal Flowers (FB and IG) and it’s the only one of it’s kind. Why? Because without her, the company doesn’t exist. You see, FarmGal Flowers is a business and a brand that Eileen has created from scratch. As a master gardener and native to Florida, she has developed the expertise and passion to put her good talents to work in a completely unique business that combines gardening and floral design.


FarmGal Flowers is more than just a Floral Studio. It’s Eileen’s Floral Studio and Eileen grows her own gorgeous flowers right in her own backyard! You may find Eileen hosting a creative workshop or event. She may be building a local community garden at East End Market. She may be masterfully tending to her backyard garden while she dreams up the next beautiful arrangement she’ll get to create!


The point is this. From her own imagination, with her own talents, and her love of learning and sharing her knowledge of gardening, she has created a brand that fuels her passion and her purpose. That’s a brand with a real story to tell! 


That’s a Live Wonderful Brand.


So, back to my original question…


When someone asks you, “What do you do?”, is there a sense of passion & purpose in your response?

FarmGal Flowers Garden & Studio

Photographing Eileen as she worked her backyard garden was such a treat. The blooms were incredible to focus on up close. The bees and butterflies came out to play. And for gosh sakes – how cute are those dogs?! With the great weather at the beginning of Spring, the smells, sounds, and sights of nature all around us made for a fun, organic outdoor photo session.


Her beautiful floral studio located just inside the patio from the backyard had just the right amount of natural light shining through to capture its simple beauty. I love the challenge of small spaces and interesting lighting. My goal is always to capture the true essence of how it feels to be there watching the magic happen. Eileen’s brand photography session was a perfect combination of beautiful products and a passionate creative with a unique service that everyone can appreciate.

Galentine's Day Event @ The Grove WP

Eileen regularly hosts themed creative workshops around flowers and succulents throughout Central Florida. This themed event was the perfect Valentine’s Day for girls and gals. Held at a stylish boutique called, The Grove in Winter Park, this is was literally the cutest event I’ve ever photographed.


Picture little girls all dressed up with their handbags to match, following Mom’s, big sisters, Aunts, and Grandma’s around as Eileen teaches everyone how to create beautiful blooming bouquets!  Wait – you don’t have to picture it. Just scroll and smile. Then make sure you join Eileen for her next creative floral workshop. She sells out quick and you can see why!

Can you imagine your brand story captured like this?

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