Our Philosophy

Creativity is the key to happiness and our highest human potential. Photography is the most powerful creative key that we all have access to. It is a universal form of creative expression that transcends art, science, language, time, and life itself.


We believe it has the power to unlock all of our creative potential, opening the door to happiness and consciousness across the planet.

How Can Photography Help Us Unlock Consciousness?

Photography is the perfect metaphor for life in so many ways. By understanding the basics of this universal creative power and how it influences our lives in every way, we can begin to understand its relationship to consciousness itself.


Photography requires our complete attention. Whether you are experiencing photography behind the lens, in front of the lens, or by viewing an image after it’s creation, photography forces us to be present. Any image can change the way we think or feel about anything and everything we know, instantly, forever. This is consciousness, a power that is within all of us.


We all crave the ability to create and express ourselves. Creating is a natural to our survival, just like eating food, drinking water, and laughing. We create to helps us make sense of the world, to makes us feel happy, whole, and free.


Photography is the most powerful form of creative expression because it is universal. It transcends all other aspects of creativity because it’s infused in everything we know. When we learn to harness its power, we can change the world as we bring creative consciousness alive.

A Manifesto

This is our manifesto. Just like us, it is forever evolving. Our hope is that it continues to inspire you on your journey to creative consciousness.

“We choose to enjoy this journey we call life, with our minds and hearts wide open with wonder, letting curiosity be our guide to consciousness, as we pursue the limitless potential of our creative powers.”

Are You Ready To Be Inspired?

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