We’re a team of mission-driven photographers and creative educators based in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Our Philosophy

To Live Wonderful means to live in wonder, all the time.

To be in all of the magic that is life. To be present to this moment, right here, right now, always. Think of it like a declaration or a promise to humanity.

We are all creators. Creativity is the key to not only unlocking our own inner peace and happiness, it is the key to unlocking consciousness across the planet.

“Photography is the most powerful creative key we all have access to and we’re in love with it.”

It’s so powerful it transcends all other forms of art, science, language, time, and life itself.

Now it’s infused in everything we know, everything we do. In a split second, an image has this magical ability to completely alter a belief, and opinion, and idea, about absolutely anything, instantly, forever. This is because visual imagery completely consumes us, mind and body, as it draws us into the present moment and connects us to a story. This is secretly what we all love about photography. It is our reflection of life.

This is why we crave visual imagery.

This is creative consciousness alive in each and every one of us. When we learn to harness the power of our own creativity, the power of our diverse stories of life, together we can begin to create our world with real purpose and true passion.  Our mission is to create stories that inspire us all to see life through a new lens, a lens that continually brings us into the now and empowers us to Live Wonderful.

Recent Stories

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