Hi, I am Alicia, a funky curly haired chick from Boston, with an outgoing, artistic, and adventurous soul. Whether it’s with my camera taking photographs to capture moments in time, designing unique graphics to help brand businesses, or traveling and enjoying life’s endless adventures, I am passionate about creating with, and inspiring others.

As an artist, I love to work from concept to completion with the love and curiosity to dive deeper into visual storytelling and bring your real genuine stories to life.

During my exploration of learning Art, Graphic Design, & Photography at Lynn University, I got to know this inspiring young woman, Danielle Werner.  Even though our worlds were very different at the time, I always knew there was something magical about Danielle and I was drawn to her vibe.  She is wise beyond her years and views life differently than most. This sparked a major interest within me to pursue the world of photography.

About 8 years after college, Danielle returned from backpacking overseas, ready to hit the road across the USA. In one phone call, flights were booked, and we wee reconnecting on a life changing road trip from LA to New Mexico. In my eyes, that was just the beginning of the incredible story of Danielle and I and the adventures we were going to share together in our futures as fellow friends, photographers, and business partners.

Beauty comes from who you are, what you are, and what you contribute to the world.  Capturing life through my lens has proven to show me that there is beauty everywhere you turn and it’s all about perspectives.

Sharing my passions of photography, adventure, and storytelling with Danielle has been a dream come true. Now, I am so excited to share these passions with you! Teaching and inspiring others is what gives our passions purpose. So watch out! If you hang out with Danielle and I long enough, we will brainwash you into believing in yourself, knowing you can achieve anything, and to live in wonder always!

Cheers to Living Wonderful, seeing life through a new lens, and being alive!