Mini jolts of inspiration to help us discover our true stories and see life through a new lens.

Danielle Werner, Photographer at Live Wonderful Photography-07

No More Endless Scroll For Me

My focus has and always will be to create, just keep creating and connecting, deep and more into what matters most. For me, this is photography and creative storytelling. So until…

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Danielle Werner Photography Gallery Exhibition

HER: Autumn Photography Exhibit

Join us for the unveiling of HER, a diverse collection of traditional, contemporary and documentary photographic works through the perspective of three female photographers challenging the metaphysical exploration of reality.…

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Summer Sunrise, Wall Canvas with Conscious

The Art of Conscious Printing

In my mission to adapt and adjust even the simplest practices to create a more sustainable and conscious planet, it has become second nature to consider the connection of all…

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The North End Divide

The North End Divide

I can feel the pressure building up inside, I know I have to choose soon. Don’t make me decide. I don’t want to be here–in America. But I can’t stay…

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Edge of Monaco by Danielle Werner

The Edge of Monaco

I don’t know it’s still just the beginning, but there is definitely a new routine of no routine. 30 days and counting of non stop spontaneously exploration of new places…

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Summer Sunrise

We arrive just before 4 am and I take off running for the shore. It’s not until my feet hit the cool sand that I realize how dark it is…

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Brooklyn Heights by Danielle Werner

Heights of Brooklyn

The clouds roll in as mist fills the spaces between the distant city walls. I search for Liberty but she is lost to the night’s rain. So, I smile at…

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Live Wonderful Photography by Danielle Werner-0221

Selamat Pagi Bali

I forgot how close the mountain was. Most mornings, the sky is cloaked in a fiery haze from burning smokestacks of trash below. For eight months, I’ve woken up to…

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Chasing Rainbows Farm by Danielle Werner

Chasing Rainbows Farm

The fire crackles right behind me and I can still hear them sharing their childhood stories. My eyes wander towards the black sky, as the stars begin to blink into…

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Serenity in Switzerland by Danielle Werner

Serenity In Switzerland

Where am I? Winding in and out of the tunnels, I see only a glimpse of the new landscape as I leave Italy and cross into Switzerland. But then the…

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A Dance With The Delicate Arch

A cool breeze fights its way through the dry desert heat and stops my mind and body instantly. I feel dizzy, not sure which way is up or down. It’s…

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A Walk In The Woods, Claytor Lake, Virginia

A Walk In The Woods

The light is disappearing. Fading fast, I feel the need to follow it. I have to see where it’s going. But it’s too late. It’s too dark. I’ll never catch…

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First Light by Danielle Werner

First Light Cocoa Beach

As I descend under the pier, I’m distracted by a blue heron fishing for his breakfast. He sees me but doesn’t care. Again, my mind struggles with what to do…

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Color and Visual Storytelling-Hong-Kong-3757

The Power of Light and Color

All of a sudden I was wandering the streets of Hong Kong, trying to keep up with my cousin who knew the city all too well. She’d lived there for…

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