Danielle Werner, 2015

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A visual, written, and recorded story.
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The fire crackles right behind me and I can still hear them sharing their childhood stories. My eyes wander towards the black sky, as the stars begin to blink into sight. I can see why they call it Chasing Rainbows Farm. The fall colors fill the hillsides with an array of bold hues, I'd never seen before today. Though there is so much comfort in this home away from home. I grew up on a farm like this, but not quite. As the memories coming flooding in, my mind chases my own childhood right into the present moment. This feels so much more exciting than I remember. I haven't felt like chasing anything for years. Adulthood until now, has always felt like I'm being chased instead. Would anyone believe I'm in Kentucky, roasting marshmallows with family I've never met? I didn't even know they existed, until today. Yet, just hours earlier, they took me in like we'd know each other forever.

How is this possible?

Once again, life feels like it's flying by, yet it's really just standing still. As the night comes alive, I feel an inner sense of awakening. At this moment by the fireside, I realize this is what it feels like to "be a kid again." To forget to watch the clock; to forget to make a plan; to forget that there is a tomorrow. To just live for the awe of this day. In my head, the chase continues as I realize still have time to play. The night is just another place to get lost in my childhood memories. With my fingers still sticky from the marshmallows, I grab my camera and meander down towards the red barn. Alone in the yard, the silence settles around me and I can feel only a hint of fear rise up inside. The silhouettes line up and just barely I can hear the rumbling of their snores, a few horses are still out in the pasture. Oh, what magnificent creatures they are. How ironic it is to see these frames resemble their shape. How innocent I feel right now, like a child, unsure of what to do next. For the first time, I feel safe knowing this is all okay. It's okay to play even without all that fear by my side. Childhood is always calling and I feel like chasing rainbows on a farm.