Danielle was GREAT!!! This class taught me so much about my camera that I actually feel like I can now use it and create some great memories. I will do a lot of practicing over the holidays and go back for another lesson in the new year!!!

Judy BouletBeginner DSLR Graduate

I learned more today than I could ever have imagined! I’m so amped to get started taking pictures of EVERYTHING in the manual setting no less!!

Brianna AndersAdvanced Photography Student

Absolutely loved my headshot session with Danielle! She made me feel comfortable, knew exactly where/when to shoot to capture the feel I was looking for, and even gave me a few photo tips during the session! I met her through a photography class she hosted last summer. She is an AMAZING teacher. I learned so much in that class that I went out and bought a real DSLR camera afterward!

Sophie Moss Headshots-Live Wonderful Photography-1-2
Sophie MossUSA Today Bestselling Author, Annapolis, MD

Working with Danielle has been an absolute pleasure. She truly has an eye for the shot and knows how to bring out the best of the scenario, or simply sit back and wait for the right moment. Her photography makes the ordinary extraordinary!

Rob GreenfieldEnvironmental Activist and Humanitarian, Orlando, FL

Danielle is absolutely wonderful to work with and can’t thank her enough for our engagement pictures! If you’re looking for a photographer or photography lessons, I highly recommend Danielle!!

Alli & Tyler Spink

Danielle was absolutely WONDERFUL! She was very personable, she remembered everybody’s names, she was great at finding a spot, she was aware of our comfort levels, she was intuitive and in-tune with the environment. I would HIGHLY recommend Danielle!!!

Diane RoseFamily Portrait Client

I thoroughly enjoyed my photo shoot with Danielle who has the ability to bring out the best in her subjects, allowing them to relax and enjoy the process. And, of course, the results speak for themselves in that the photographs are exceptional.

Paul Runge Headshots
Paul RungeHeadshot Portrait Client

I have worked with Danielle of Live Wonderful Photography for the past few photoshoots for my clothing brand Deli Fresh Threads. Not only do I enjoy working with her; my models all love taking photos with her.

Deli Fresh Threads Brand Photography-Live Wonderful Photography-12
Anthony BencomoBrand Photography Client

I LOVED Danielle’s DSLR Photography class! I took a private lesson since I feel like I am just about at the intermediate level in photography. It was so helpful to meet with her one-on-one. She has a great, positive attitude, and her passion for photography is contagious!

Danielle provided some great tips and explained the aperture in a way that finally made sense to me. She really knows how to break down the science of photography. She also provided a Photography Reference Guide after the class, which I take with me whenever I go on a shoot! I’m looking forward to a Lightroom class soon.

I would definitely recommend Danielle!

Kelly Lamano Testimonial
Kelly LamanoAdvanced Photography Student

Danielle is super easy to work with and really puts you at ease. I’m not a fan of being photographed, I always feel so awkward. Danielle made the whole process absolutely painless and my head shot was more than I could have hoped.

Robin ButlerOrlando Realtor Headshot Portraits

Everything Danielle does, she does with her whole heart, a lot of talent, and thoughtfulness. She’s done work for me since 2007 and I have never been disappointed.

Jennifer LittleOwner of Little's Photography, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Danielle is a wonderful teacher. She explained the basic use of my camera with hands-on learning and in warm soft voice that I could understand. She also provided me with a cheat sheet for me to practice with. I highly recommend her for the first class and for follow up classes if you are an inspiring photographer or really want to have a great hobby. She is awesome.

Live Wonderful Photography Classes in Orlando, Florida
Sharon LaPointeBeginner DSLR Course Graduate

I thoroughly enjoyed Danielle’s Beginner’s Photography Workshop! I’ve had a DSLR camera for years but never knew how to use it properly. In fact, I was so overwhelmed by my camera that I didn’t get much past turning it on.

Danielle took us back to basics – she explained all the cool features and buttons on the camera and then focused (pun intended!) on the “need to know” functions. She taught us from simple to complex..concepts that built upon each other. After reviewing a specific technique we put it into practice right away which was instrumental in the learning process.

There are lots of instructional books out there; however, some things are better learned hands-on. I believe photography is one of those things! Danielle is an awesome instructor and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Live Wonderful Photography Classes in Orlando, Florida
Lana MullinaxBeginner DSLR Course Graduate

I am an entrepreneur trying to make things happen. I came across Danielle through google search. My goal is to learn the art of photography, apply it to my business and my personal life. I have had the opportunity to take both her photography and lightroom classes. I am a complete beginner but I am so pleased with everything Danielle has shared with me. I have not become a photographer over night but I have so much useful information and I do not feel lost. I have a place to start and more confidence. Danielle is also super patience with her students and I can not wait to retake her classes!

Live Wonderful Photography Classes in Orlando, Florida
Rosangel EscotoBeginner DSLR Course Graduate

Cannot say enough positive things about Danielle and this class. I have had a digital SLR for several years and was resigned to being intimidated by it… Danielle explained the functions of the camera and its settings so well. For the first time, I FINALLY am getting what it means to take the camera off “auto” and why and how to do that. We then took what she taught us and practiced with it outside — the only way to see if I was “getting it”. Worth every penny and then some.

Live Wonderful Photography Classes in Orlando, Florida
Christine WaltonBeginner DSLR Course Graduate

Danielle has been so great to work with and I have been so impressed how she was able to capture the vision of our company and our company culture.

Justin CobleBrand Photography Client

Danielle was a wonderful teacher. She took the time to explain things to me and gave me time to practice on my own. I look forward to taking another class with her sometime soon.

Live Wonderful Photography Classes in Orlando, Florida
Morgan StounBeginner DSLR Course Graduate

Danielle is a commensurate professional! She does an amazing job, and is worth every penny!

Clayson Testimonial
Steve ClaysonBrand Photography Client