Join us for the unveiling of HER, a diverse collection of traditional, contemporary and documentary photographic works through the perspective of three female photographers challenging the metaphysical exploration of reality.

AXIOM Gallery
268 W New England Ave
Winter Park FL 32789

September 7th

Exhibit Open thru November 2, 2018

HER Photography Collection by Danielle Werner
See Life Through A New Lens

We are all creators. Our creativity is humanity’s key to unlocking consciousness across the planet.

Photography is the one creative key that transcends all forms of art, science, language, time and life itself. It has the power to consume us, mind and body, as it instantly brings us into the present moment. And discovering the present moment is the first step to knowing consciousness.

My photographic journey is fueled by our endless curiosity to explore and evolve in search of that knowing. Though, all we can ever know is right now. I hope these images inspire us all to see life through a new lens and live for the present moment because this moment is all we ever have.


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