“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

– Elliot Erwitt.

Who doesn’t love photography?

Each of us has a unique lens in which we see the world. It’s the magic of instant gratification and capturing our observations that let’s us share our perspectives of life. But I love more than just capturing my observation of life and sharing it others.


I love the way photography works. I love teaching it and showing you what’s possible with your lens.

Did you know the camera lens works the same way our eyes work? The minute I understood this concept, my lens of the world completely changed. And after 5 years of teaching my most passionate craft, I am honored to share my first published article on this exact topic.

Here’s the article:

Seeing in Depth of Field: A Simple Understanding To Aperture.

Whether you are just snapping with your iPhone daily, a hobbyist who loves to learn, or a professional in the industry, this is an article that will change the way you see images, forever.

Give yourself 10 minutes right now and enjoy learning something new that relates to something that already impacts in your life so greatly.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

-Wayne Dyer


After you read it, tell me what you think. Will you start looking at images differently now? Will you start to observe your world from a new lens? Share your thoughts in the comments section of the article.

Everyone has a unique lens, a different perspective of life. So share this article with someone you love and want to inspire!


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Photography can be simply defined as: painting with light. When you are painting with light, you are creating a story in a split second. That’s what photography is all about. Technically, your camera is measuring the light in the scene, and you are telling it how much of that light you want to use to […]

Source: Seeing in Depth of Field: A Simple Understanding of Aperture