Danielle Werner, 2015

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A visual, written, and recorded story.
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Where am I?

Winding in and out of the tunnels, I see only a glimpse of the new landscape as I leave Italy and cross into Switzerland. But then the glimpse is gone as quickly as it comes, lost to the darkness. In and out of the tunnels, the glimpse is just a tease. It's so breathtakingly beautiful, I want to stop and see it. But I don't know where I am. I should just keep going. In and out of the tunnels. The sounds of the highway forcing me forward. I want to stop. I want to get out and explore. But the car is going too fast. I have to slow down. I have to slow down if I really want to see.

But where am I?

I decide to turn off the road. I park the car and open the door. Immediately I am struck by the silence and vast space that surrounds me. The highway seems so distant all of a sudden. The clouds begin to part and I can feel the sun's warmth on my face, but I am blinded by its brightness. I breathe in the crisp cold air as I begin to take in the view.

Where am I?

The glimpse only becomes more clear as I stand more still. I can see the bright light begin to dance into the dark pockets of the valley. Gracefully, it tiptoes across the water and into the trees below me. As if inviting me to reach out and touch them. Or in one step, climb up the mountains across the way. The light makes it all feel so close. But I am so far. It feels so big. But I am so small. The question enters my mind again.

Where am I?

I want to know. I really do want to figure it out. But I just want to take all this in. It's so big. So overwhelming. Is this real? I didn't plan to be here. Where am I? Silence answers back again. So I stop asking. I give in and just keep watching the light. Who knows how much time passes. I lose track. And then, an answer, from Grace, as if she were there all along, right by my side.

"You are here, dear. In this space. With this moment. Held by me. You are home."

I breathe into a smile as serenity sets in.