Brand & Business Consulting


Get the clarity you need to start building your brand online. Includes a downloadable Brand Discover Worksheet!



A one-on-one, focused meeting where we take a deep dive into your brand/business and the mission for the future of your company. This is about creating a clear vision that will allow us to properly brand your business on social media and across all platforms on the web.

The point of this session is to create a “big picture story” that can be revealed throughout all future marketing of your brand.

The Brand Discovery Guide is the first step to this Vision Clarity Session. You will receive an link to download this guide after your session is purchased.

Review this document and fill it out to the best of your abilities now. Don’t worry if you don’t have an answer or aren’t sure. It saves every time you type anything, and I can see what you’ve typed as well. The more answers we have here, the easier it is to create your vision and story.

The Vision Clarity Session with Brand Discovery Guide is $500.