Intermediate DSLR Photography Class in Orlando, FL


Start thinking like a pro and learn how to control your camera with more creative intention when you master Manual Mode.



Start Mastering Manual Mode

Are you a photo enthusiast who already knows a little bit about ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture? Are you already shooting in Manual or a Priority Mode and are ready to advance your photography skills to take full control of your camera’s settings?

Then it’s time to learn Manual Mode! Start thinking like a pro and learn how to control your camera with more creative intention. Learn more about the technical side as we dive deeper into the art of photography.

This is the second class in the DSLR Photography Learning Series. In this 3-hour engaging class, you will learn how to build even more confidence behind the lens as you start to master the manual settings on your camera. If you’ve already taken the Beginner DSLR Photography Class and you think you are ready to take your photography to the next level, then this class is for you.

You have already started to master the fundamentals of photography, ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. Now learn how to take more control of those creative settings and capture even better photos using Manual Mode and adding more settings to your bag of photography knowledge. Here’s what we have in store for you.

  • Start to master Manual Mode using ISO, Shutter Speed, & Aperture
  • Learn how to use the camera’s Meter to take a proper exposure
  • Understand different Meter Modes and when to use each one
  • Learn how to control the Focal Points on your camera
  • Understand different Focus Modes and when to use each one
  • Learn How To Pan & Shoot Action with more Shutter Speed learning
  • Practice shooting scenarios in Manual indoors and outside
  • Learn From A Professional Photographer
  • Interactive Small Group Classes
  • Hands-On Practice w/ One-On-One Guidance
  • Detailed and Comprehensive Digital Notes
  • One FREE Retake of The Same Class In The Future
  • DSLR Camera & 1 Lens
  • Charged Camera Battery
  • Empty Memory Card To Shoot
  • Notebook & Pencil For Taking Notes
  • PREREQUISITE: Beginner DSLR Photography
  • Ages 13 & Up (*Under 18 must be signed in by a parent)
Not Sure If You're Ready For This Class?

Taking the next step in this creative hobby can seem intimidating. Are you curious about this class but not sure if you are ready for it?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you know what ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture are?
  2. Do you know how to use the Priority Modes?
  3. Do you understand Depth of Field but want to learn more?
  4. Do you want to learn how to master manual mode?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are ready to take this class! If you’re still not sure, check out the Beginner Photography Class – everyone can start there!

Seeing life through a new lens is about letting your curiosity take you places you never knew possible. Now it’s time to let your curiosity take you to the next level in this creative journey called, Photography.  Join the Intermediate Photography Class.

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Meet Your Photography Teacher

Hi, I’m Danielle Werner!

I am a commercial and travel photographer currently living, shooting, and playing in Orlando, Florida. With a mild obsession with adventure, I’ve explored all aspects of this wonderful art for 15+ years photographing people and places all around the planet.

I’m a passionate storyteller and I am excited to help you discover your inner storyteller. All I want to do is experience the beautiful world and show you how to create a powerful and inspiring visual story that’s full of passion and purpose. Why?

Because that’s what it means to Live Wonderful. I believe everyone deserves beautiful, eye-catching images. So whether you want to learn behind the lens or be captured in front of it, I’m your go-to-gal for all things photography. Let’s connect and soon you’ll discover the story you’ve always wanted to share!

x Danielle

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