Photography For Everyone (All Cameras Welcome)

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Have you ever been frustrated when your photos don’t turn out the way you want?

Now you don’t have to be. This is a  fun and easy photography class for all levels. It is jam packed with the most important composition and creative techniques you need to start taking amazing photos any time you click the shutter. Enjoy great tips, one-on-one guidance from a professional photographer, and all the smart fundamentals you need to build your confidence and take great photos in any scenario with your camera, no matter what kind of camera you have!

Creating beautiful photos with your camera isn’t as difficult as you think. Many people think it is too complex to learn how to take great photographs. Or that they are not creative enough to have “an eye” for it. But that is just simply not true. Anyone can learn this lifelong creative skill!

photography workshops at Adjectives Market

Composition is Everything. 

In this class, you will start to see your world through a whole new lens and you will feel like you truly have “an eye” for taking great shots!

Learn how to create interesting and dynamic photos by understanding the 10 fundamentals of image composition.

No matter what kind of camera you have (including smartphone cameras!), you can take this class. It’s great for any level photographer with any kind of camera.

The Next Class

Date: July 8th, 2017 from 2pm – 3:30pm
Location: Adjectives Market, 1200 E. Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Springs, Florida

This class is held monthly in multiple locations around Central Florida. It is the first class of a three-series Beginner’s Photography Workshop that teaches you how to take great photos anytime, anywhere. Each class is 1-3 hours in length. Purchase tickets for one, two or all three classes at one time or anytime they are individually scheduled. Purchase all three classes together and save $45. Schedule your classes at any time. Class tickets do not expire.

Want a more personalized class option? Schedule this class as a private lesson instead.

“Great class! Danielle is awesome! Super informative, patient, passionate and witty!! Looking forward to shooting with a little more confidence! Thanks, Danielle.” ~Cory Holcombe, Photography Student

Meet Your Photography Teacher

Danielle Werner, photography teacher

Enjoy clear photography instruction from a passionate and super approachable teacher, who acts like a goofball sometimes and will always make you laugh.

Hi, My name is Danielle.

I am the founding photographer and creative consultant here at An adventurer at heart, I have a passion for sharing inspirational stories and showing you how to do the same.

I just want to shoot, teach you how to shoot, and share creativity and inspiration every day. That’s not too much to ask for right?

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 10 years and I LOVE to connect with personal stories and photograph the authenticity of genuine people. I’m also determined to prove to the world, that what I do with a camera, is not that hard. That’s why I teach! I want to show you that your creativity is your gift and your camera (no matter what kind) is your tool for expressing it. Whether in business or personal life, photography is the everyone’s way of sharing their stories with the world.

Want to know what a class with Danielle is like? Watch this behind the scenes video of a recent photography class with Danielle!

You can learn more about Danielle and her passions here.

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I had minimal experience with photography and didn’t know much about using my camera’s manual mode functions prior to meeting with Danielle. She provided me with the foundations I needed to start shooting right away in an easy to understand and super fun lesson!

She is incredibly knowledgeable about all things photography and her passion for the art is evident. I would absolutely recommend her for any of your teaching or photography needs!! 

~Alexandra Carson

Danielle is a wonderful teacher.

She explained the basic use of my camera with hands on learning and in warm soft voice that I could understand. She also provided me with a cheat sheet for me to practice with.

I highly recommend her for the first class and for follow-up classes if you are an inspiring photographer or really want to have a great hobby.

She is awesome.

~ Sharon LaPointe