Danielle Werner, 2018

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A visual, written, and recorded story.
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We arrive just before 4 am and I take off running for the shore.

It's not until my feet hit the cool sand that I realize how dark it is here. Still unaware that's he's not with me, my bare feet keep moving further towards the water. That fleeting feeling is back inside me. I can feel my heart racing to beat this sunrise to the pier.

In this moment of excitement, I've lost all sense of where I am and how long I've been alone. I can just now barely make out the long wooden structure in the dark, but I know that light is moving fast. Very soon, the sun will rise, blinding my camera to the cool summer hues I can hardly see reflecting across the water.

"Where is he? Should I go back? I have to catch this light!"

I'm pulled into my thoughts, as my mind begins to debate my next action. "I can't miss this. I have to find him."

But I'm already at a loss. A malfunction with my equipment and I'm on the verge of tears before I even get my first shot.

"Just forget it. Give up now.", my mind tells me. I try to breathe the thoughts away.

Then I see his silhouette walking my way. A tiny sense of relief. Just enough, to keep me going.

A few more deep breaths subside the excitement into a calm focus. Patiently, I watch my hands fumble with my camera in the darkness, letting the familiar feelings take over where my eyes cannot be relied on.

With everything in place, I begin the time-bound art of long exposures. Every   few seconds, letting my camera show me what it sees. Though these moments   are essentially trapped in time, I feel timeless, as I wait and watch the light grow brighter with my bare eyes.

At the mercy of this incredible energy source, patience and persistence are all that's left when I surrender. In awe of the summer hues being captured, I'm reminded that these creations come from the same source energy, a powerful

light that is within each and every one of us. A summer sunrise just waiting to come alive.