Is your camera stuck in auto mode? You’re not alone. We all love taking photos, but many of us don’t think we have what it takes to get great photos.

Hi, I’m Danielle Hanusek, the founder of Live Wonderful Photography. And I know what it feels like to be stuck in auto mode, not just behind the camera, but in life. That’s why I created this online photography course. The storyteller’s journey is your step-by-step guide to creating and capturing visual stories that are full of real passion and purpose.

In this course, I cut out all the fluff, broke down the science, and made it fun and easy for you to learn how to capture great photos anytime, anywhere.

No matter what kind of photography you love, this course will show you how to easily and quickly take control of your camera, build your creative confidence and literally see and experience your life through a whole new lens.

Are you ready to stop shooting and living in auto mode? Begin your storyteller’s journey today and get off auto mode forever.


Here’s what you will get when you join the Storyteller’s Journey:

🔹 100x More Info Than Our Other Classes
🔹 Easily Learn Manual Mode = ISO + Shutter Speed + Aperture
🔹 Learn Our Top 10 Creative Compositional Techniques
🔹 Press Pause/Play Anytime You Want (Learn at your own pace.)
🔹 Cheat Sheet + Full Course Presentation (Guaranteed photo success!)
🔹 Lens Cleaning Cloth (…and other launch party surprises.)
🔹 5 Live Weekly Demonstrations + Q&A with me! (I’ll be by your side every step of the way.)
🔹 Weekly Photo Assignments + Practice Inspiration
🔹 Exclusive Private Community (Get support, Share your shots, and more)
🔹 LIFETIME ACCESS – Keep it all, forever!

Pre-Registration Bonuses! (worth over $1k)
🔹 Cheat Sheet + Notebook + Pen (Guaranteed photo success!)
🔹 Lens Cleaning Cloth (…and other launch party surprises.)
🔹 #1 FREE CLASS: Lightroom Photo Editing
🔹 #2 FREE CLASS: Brand Storytelling For Business

Take creative control of your camera and bring your stories to life, forever.