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Creative Ideas Meet Up in Orlando

Update: We’ve officially started: The Creative Common, a community of passionate artists and entrepreneurs, fueled by authentic inspiration and the pursuit of everyone’s creative discovery. Join us each month at different locations around Orlando, Florida for our creative affairs. Hello and Happy Monday! This just came to me so I had…


Cummings Family Portraits

Even when the grown up, they’re still your babies! What started as a senior portrait soon become a family portrait session too. It was an honor to capture Sarah’s senior portraits. AND in perfect timing for Graduation, the whole family was able to get together to make some more memories in…


Moritz Family Portraits

Three is never a crowd when you’re the Moritz Family. Ace, Lori, and their daughter, Joslyn are the best of friends and it shows! Never having had a professional family portrait session together, they loved getting all bundled up for this Winter photo shoot at our favorite place on the Eastern…


A Surprise Engagement

This is one of those stories that you just can’t make up. It’s like something you’d see in the movies. Over a year after first contacting me to gift the gift of a photography workshop to his girlfriend, Tyler sent me a Facebook message asking if I would be able to…


Unique Gifts Photographed For HeySoul

HeySoul is the perfect gift you’ve been looking for. I had the pleasure of photographing these beautiful products for HeySoul. They are gift boxes inspired by life’s greatest themes like love, joy, creativity, adventure, etc. Every box includes hand-picked products, beautifully packaged and paired with a thought, adventure or challenge. The magic…

Brand Photography - The Rood House

The Rood House – Photography for a Custom Builder

Portraits capture your personal and professional life. When you’re so proud of the work you’ve done, a portrait of that accomplishment is in order. Take for example the stunning craftsmanship of Paul Milton. He’s been crafting beautiful homes and furniture for over 20 years. This historic home has been renovated to…


Toruno Family Portraits

When a beautiful being brings you light and love like you never expected. When you move to a new town 1200 miles away and begin a new chapter of life. When you are happier than you ever thought possible and life just can’t seem to get any better. That’s when it’s…


Portrait Photography For You

The most unique experience you will ever have in front of a camera. This is perfect for those fun-loving people in the world who want more than just stunning images. Together we will create a personal photographic experience that captures the real you inside and out. Whether it’s your engagement, a family…

Brand Photography Business Photography

Brand Photography For Your Business

Top-notch photography and professional portraits to fit your company’s brand and style. Impactful imagery is one of the most important elements to marketing your business. It’s how you show the world who and what is behind the curtain. No matter if it’s individual corporate headshots, a team photo, or capturing you and…


Family Portraits at Cardiff Beach

I realized along time ago that I have chosen a passion to pursue that really only relates to happiness.  No one wants photos taken when they are going through difficult times, only happy times. I get the calls when milestones happen, when life is at its fullest and moments want…


Baby Brantley and his big sister Cloey

I decided to go with the Facebook fads and write about a #TBT (aka throw back thursday) today. I’m gonna throw it all the way back to 10 months ago with this photo was taken: But as I write this, I realize it’s not about a trend at all. It’s about…

Design Photography

Designing Custom Photo Albums and more

I have been totally in the zone lately. So focused, in the matrix, mastering my craft, my passion for designing. I often get asked, “what kind of designing do you do?”. I usually answer that question however I see fit for the moment.  Whether it’s perfecting my digital photography, editing and manipulating panoramic landscape images,…


An Innovative Office Space

A spontaneous photo opportunity came up for me today. I had the pleasure of photographing an inspiring business with an insanely gorgeous new office space in downtown Bird Rock (La Jolla), California. Canter Companies is looking at the world of real estate in a whole new way. They work all…